Board of 8 stickers Islamogauchiste hysterical radical feminist Ultra clitoral dictatorship, SJW, feminist shit, I serve my


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Sheet of 8 stickers
The Board size: A5 - 15x21cm

Each sale of this product, a euro is donated to the association Lallab:

Limited Edition 200 copies

Contains 8 pre-cut stickers:
Islamogauchiste 6 x 3, 5cm
Radical hysterical 6 x 4, 5cm
I serve my cause 6x4cm
Clitoral dictatorship 6 x 3, 5cm
Ultra feminist 6 x 3, 5cm
Female ungrateful 6 x 3, 5cm
Feminist shit diameter 6cm
Social justice warrior diameter 6cm

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